Automated Palletising & De-Palletising

Efficient and safe handling of full and empty casks

Handling of casks

Are you looking for a system that supports palletised operations? The Pilz automated palletising / de-palletising system can handle full and empty casks whilst providing a reliable and consistent operation. You benefit from improved health and safety aspects and increased operational productivity.

Reliable handling

  • Safe and productive workflow
  • Fully automated system eliminates manual handling risks.
  • Reliable and consistent performance with no lost time incidents.
  • Achieve the benefits of integrating traditional process operations with Palletised systems.
Reliable handling of casks

Safe and efficient palletising / de-palletising

The infeed conveyor is connected to the trailer, enabling automated unloading of double stacked pallets. When all pallets have transferred onto the infeed conveyor, the connection can be disconnected and the trailer moved off the loading ramp. The secure banding is removed by an automated de-banding unit.
Integrated sensors within the End of Arm Tool allow for the correction needed as a result of any movement of casks during the transportation process. The robot arm picks up two full/empty casks at a time from the pallet and places them for transfer to the cask outfeed conveyor. Empty pallets will be squared and transferred to a return loop conveyor for forklift collection. An Optional tipper can be added for integration with traditional dumping lines to return Cask to Bilge position.

Increased productivity:

  • Capable of handling 2x individual casks each weighing up to 250kg.
  • Capable of receiving double stacked pallets: 6 casks per pallet.
  • Receive a full truck load at any one time.
  • Full capacity of nine double stacked pallets: 9 pallets / 108 casks.
Palletising and de-palletising of casks
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