Smart Distillery Solutions

Modular automation for every stage of cask handling and maturation

From truck unloading to cask digitisation, filling, palletising, disgorging/tipping and other steps surrounding your particular process we offer you the right solution for each step of cask handling. Efficient production technologies combined with digital solutions enables various application possibilities like track and trace with realtime data. You can modularly automate your process from single steps up to the full automated production line - lights out production. With lights out production the complete process of cask handling is fully automated by leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies like vision guided robotic systems, automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) and cloud-based analytics.

A comprehensive portfolio of industry-proven Pilz products and Pilz solutions from the areas of control systems, sensors and actuators and machinery safety services compliment the specialised distillery solutions portfolio.

Find the right solution for your production

Icon Unloading & Loading

Unloading & Loading

Simplifing cask unloading and loading of trucks

Icon Centre Boring & Capping

Centre Boring & Capping

Automated boring of filling holes and cap insertion

Icon Inspection & RFID

Inspection & RFID

Digitised track and trace



Maximised disgorging volumes with improved product yield

Icon Palletising & Conveying

Palletising & Conveying

Efficient handling of full and empty casks

Icon Bunging & De-Bunging

Bunging & De-Bunging

Safe and efficient process with consistent repeatability

Improve your efficiency

  • Modular automation from single steps up to the full automated production line
  • Fixed operation throughput resulting in higher operation efficiency
  • Significant improvement in health and safety standards, operational conditions and process ergonomics
  • Automated handling processes allowing the redeployment of valuable resources
  • Smart solutions offers valuable information for improving product quality
Automatic cask loader and unloader

Comprehensive Services for the Distillery Industry

We work closely together with you to develop the best solution possible and support you from the very beginning up to the finished installation.

  • Industry 4.0 Digitisation & Plant Survey
  • Front End Feasibility Study
  • Multi-Discipline Design
  • Engineering & Consultancy
  • Commission & Validation
  • Managed Services

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