Cask Sealing System

Automated application of sealing coat to casks

Cask Sealing System

The growing market demand to reduce product evaporation losses required the development of automated cask coating.

The Pilz cask sealing system enables fully automated painting of casks applying a coating sealant to the cask surface, while maintain cask intake cycle time.

Reduction of mechanical and product evaporation losses

  • Sealing of 12,000 casks without changing consumables
  • Constant and repeatable quality of coating
  • Decrease in losses due to evaporation following application of coating

Fully automated painting of casks

Consisting of a surface preparation, coat application and drying unit - the system can be used as an independent cell or can be integrated into existing production lines. Before painting, the cask will be prepared via a brush-based system which only cleans the surface area to be painted. The robotic painting system consists of ready to spray heads with motion controller, vision system, fluid panels and high pressure pumps to complete the paint and water flushing operation. For the drying process, a tunnel with forced air fans offers a drying time of approx. 55 seconds. The air drying is done at room temperature with no heating to deliver a low environmental impact.

Increased quality and productivity:

  • Fully automated application of sealing coat
  • Achieve consistent quality of cask sealing: reduced product losses.
  • Fast drying time with low environmental impact
  • Flexible integration into existing processes
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