Automated Cask Boring & Capping

Fully automated Cask Boring and Capping line

Centre Boring & Capping

Bespoke cask boring and capping production line integrating existing stations and utilizing automated robotic and vision guided systems. Automated detection of the location of bored holes and robotic handling for placing the caps.

Continuous production flow

  • Consistent reliability and repeatability to increase productivity.
  • High precision operation due to accurate capping regardless of bore hole position.
  • Significant improvements in health and safety standards, operational conditions and process ergonomics.
  • Major reduction in operational labour force requirements & enabling of resource redeployment.
  • Full integration into existing Boring Line.

Complete design, engineering, build and commissioning of a cask boring and capping production line

The automated cask boring and capping systems enables the centralized boring of filling/ disgorging holes in the top of casks, as well as the insertion of a plastic cap into the bored hole, to prevent ingress of foreign bodies during cask handling operations.
The system consists of boring and capping stations, a bander for strapping casks and the transfer to offloading station.

Fully automated capping station with integrated modular stations:

  • Cap Hopper
  • Bowl Sorter
  • Cap infeed and outfeed
  • Vision system to detect location of bored holes
  • Robotic handling to place caps
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