Automatic Cask Loader & Un-Loader

Fully Automated loading and un-loading of casks

Robot arm loads a cask onto a conveyor belt

The loading and unloading of American standard barrels (ASB’s) from shipping containers is currently a manual process which exposes operators to a variety of health and safety risks, for example: working at height, objects falling from height, musculoskeletal injuries, ergonomics and crush injury.

The Pilz automatic cask loader / un-loader is a patent pending, fully automated system which will select casks from the rear doors of 40ft and 20ft containers (once opened and stay bars removed) and, using vision guided Robotics combined with an AGV and telescopic boom, work through the unloading of >200 ASB’s. Your personnel, plant and process benefits from eliminated safety risks and lost time incidents while increasing operational efficiency.

Improve your safety and productivity

  • Significant reduction in lost time accidents, and operator exposure to multiple workplace hazards
  • Major reduction in operational labour force requirements & enables current resource redeployment
  • Reduction in risk to further increases in supply chain costs
  • Highly productive fully automated process
Robot arm unoads a whiskey cask

Improved loading and unloading in warehouse operations

Non-Uniform Casks can be handled fully automatically at a constant and repeatable rate. The multi-axis robot works in combination with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) to pick casks from a shipping container and transfer them to an integrated boom conveyor system for integration to new or existing cask handling system for the next stage of the process.

  • Significant risk reduction: elimination of operator related accidents and lost time incidents
  • No need for manual handling: allowing the redeployment of valuable resources
  • Improved cask operation cycle time whilst delivering a constant loading performance
Whiskey cask on a conveyor belt
Inspection & RFID

Inspection & RFID

Digitised track and trace

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