Automated De-Bunging

Continuous production flow in De-bunging

Bunging & De-Bunging

Are you looking for a system which increases the productivity for De-bunging? Then the Pilz automated De-bunging system is the right solution for you. It integrates several functions in one system and offers automated De-bunging as well as breather tube handling.

One system - many functions

  • Increased productivity due to high degree of automation and an optimized cycle time
  • Reduction of health and safety risks with improved ergonomic conditions
  • Safe and efficient operation with consistent reliability and repeatability
  • Automation of De-bunging and breather tube handling
Automated De-bunging

Optimal process reliability

The Pilz De-bunging solution is an automated system for De-bunging casks of all different types. The casks enter the line and are detected by sensors integrated into the rotary system and initial positioning of the casks is completed with a side mounted camera locating the label.
The overhead colour sensor enables the general bung positioning saving valuable operation cycle time.
The overhead laser scanner provides precise bung location detection and enables the gantry drive rotary system to precisely position the casks.
The De-bunging and breather tube insertion is performed by the integrated robot drilling head and gripper operation. During this process the camera verifies the bung removal and breather tube insertion whilst the buffer conveyor maintains the cycle time and the cask rolls during parallel monitoring of the cask movement.The final rotating gantry rocks the cask 30 Degrees in both directions and the cask is emptied. An integrated gripper positions the breather tube on an indexing conveyor for process re-cycling.

Providing integrated operation and maintenance data to preserve system and process reliability:

  • One single system integrating multiply station functions for maximum process efficiency
  • Safe access control and safe mode selection built into design.
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