Cask Scanner

Increase product quality with digital track and trace system

Cask Scanner

The cask scanner allows digital product track and trace and provides real-time database information for operational analysis. The system delivers high integrity in-line quality control to achieve 100% secure dumping. It communicates with ERP systems and is integrated into stock control management platforms.

Protecting product dumping and age statement risk factors

  • 100% secure dumping to maintain product integrity.
  • Optimal product blend: right product, right time.
  • Eliminates manual checking process.
  • Suitable for all main line bar code labelling systems.
Inspection & RFID

Digital track and trace, scanning and data communications system

The Pilz cask scanner system consists of a barcode reader, a control system and communications interface, as well as an RFID reader and multi status signal tower. It’s designed to automatically scan barcodes fixed to the head of casks, standing or on the bilge. Cask attributes like weight data, density, temperature, colour, period of maturation, location or storage data analysis can be obtained.

Advantages of the cask scanner:

  • Generation of data and matrix dashboard for cask performance.
  • Auto generation of filling warrant.
  • Prevention of product contamination and incorrect disgorging operation.
  • Can read all types of barcodes: 2D codes, Matrix Codes, QR Codes.
  • System uses time of flight to determine distance to cask.
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